What is a wedding time capsule?

What is a wedding time capsule?

What's a wedding time capsule?

So many people ask what a wedding time capsule is and, put quite simply, it's a keepsake, a 'snapshot' in time of your special day, something that you can go back to in years to come and remember each moment of your day.

In an ideal world, you will choose items to play to your senses. In other words, think about things you can touch, taste, feel, listen to or even smell! 

What you choose to pop in your time capsule is entirely up to you but - in short - this is what we would recommend putting in there.

1. A piece of fabric from your dress or something that you wore on the day such as a garter.

2. One of your favours. Remember to make up an extra favour on the day so that you can keep this is your special memory box.

3. Your wedding guest book or completed time capsule cards. The best time to open these is on your 1st wedding anniversary, also known as your paper anniversary, making this the perfect 'material' for this special occasion.

4. Your wedding menu card. This is always a great thing to look back on and remember the delicious foods you enjoyed and how they felt as your first meal since tying the knot!

5. Perfume you wore on the day, Hopefully smelling this again will start the olfactory lobe going in your brain as you remember that special day all over again!

6. A piece of your wedding cake. Chances are that this will have kept really well as often, wedding cakes are doused in preserving alcohol, sugar laden fruit and heavy icing. However, maybe just smell this rather than eat it as it may not taste as good after a period of time!

7. A newspaper cutting from the day you got married. This is really important as it features your special day and will have your actual wedding date printed on it. It will also be lovely to see what the weather was like on your big day as well as which celebrities were stealing the press attention on this day.

8. Cards to each other.  Are you planning to give each other a special gift or card on the big day? If so, keep the gift tag, ribbon, wrapping and maybe the card in your time capsule box for a very special and romantic keepsake.

9. Your wedding planning book or journal 

10. Your bouquet! So many brides choose to have their bouquets pressed these days or dried. This is the perfect place to keep this safe over the years that pass.

And anything else you can think of!

That's it, you're done, and just picture your little one's faces when they surf through your wedding keepsake treasures at a later date - adorable!