What is the best way to do a seating plan for a wedding

What is the best way to do a seating plan for a wedding

So many people want to know what the best way is to do a wedding seating chart so here are our tips.

Firstly you need to find out what is available at your venue. Do they have wooden easel stands? Do they have suspension frames? Do they have string stands?

Once you have this information you can then decide if you want a one piece table plan chart or individual table cards to make a DIY table plan kit.

Next, you need to think about your theme.  Think about your flowers and colours when choosing your table plan as everything needs to tie in.

Table numbers or table names? Now you need to decide if you will have table names or table numbers. Matching table name cards and place cards can be produced in accordance with your seating plan to continue the style across your reception.

Now the fun begins - the seating plan! Many a previous bride will tell you that this can be very stressful indeed. Pour yourself a glass of wine and decide who will be best where. Think about access for those with wheelchairs or prams and also consider proximity to the toilet for anyone who may need regular convenience stops.

Provide your supplier with the names of the guests on each table and then your job is done.

You may also wish to consider a wedding welcome sign too to match your other table stationery.