Make wedding cut backs without compromises

Make wedding cut backs without compromises

Did you know that long gone are the days of traditional weddings and more often than not, couples are choosing more off-the-wall, unusual and quirky weddings.

The sugared almonds of yesterday are a long and distant memory whilst the modern bride will now opt for caricatures of her guests as favours or pots of local bee honey!

Due to mounting costs for wedding venues and suppliers, not to mention the cost of living crisis, many more couples are choosing to tie the knot abroad.  It's so much cheaper and so much more cost effective to get a holiday out of all that money spent rather than it being swallowed up on just one day..

Home or abroad, traditional or modern, whatever you decide to do for your big day as to be right for you and your pocket and there are so many ways you can make cut backs without compromises.

1. Get bridesmaid dresses from high street stores in January sales

2. Choose artificial flowers

3. Marry abroad

4. Choose late afternoon weddings where only one meal needs to be provided

5.  Marry out of season [for UK brides this means October - March]

6. Have a registry office marriage followed by a big party!

7. Borrow a dress

8. Buy DIY table plan kits

9. Have a summer festival wedding where guests bring their own picnic

10. Make your own favours

11. Send digital invites

We hope that some of these ideas have been helpful. Never overspend om your wedding so that your first few months of married life are filled with stress and debt!