Embracing Blue Monday

Embracing Blue Monday

So it's Blue Monday today - according to reports, today is the most miserable day of the year..

.. Let's face it, January does feel like it has gone on for decades, the post-Christmas credit card bills are still looming, the wind and rain both hammering at the windows, the gym-going determination is fading fast along with the New Year's diet resolutions...

Having said all that, it's not all bad and often the way we look at things is enough to change the way we feel about something. Rather than looking for the worst, let's look for the best in things. 

Surely you've all seen a little bulb poking it's way up in the ground? A sure sign that spring really is only just around the corner...

As well as this, why do we feel we need to beat ourselves up for the things we DON'T do, rather than congratulating ourselves on the things that we DO do? 

Look back at the last month and focus on your successes rather than your failures and you will feel automatically uplifted!

And if you can't beat them... join them...

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