Deciding what stationery is needed for a funeral

Deciding what stationery is needed for a funeral

Firstly, we are sorry for your loss. You are no doubt reading this article as you have recently experienced a bereavement which is never an easy time for anyone.

Sadly, it's a fact of life that sometimes it ends and at a very difficult time like this, we want to help you with some expertly crafted and stunning stationery pertinent to your loved one along with a fuss-free order process.

So, what stationery is needed for a funeral?

1. Invitations. More common than ever now are funeral invitations. Historically, people were not 'invited' to a funeral they were informed about it and hosts never really knew how many guests to expect. These days, it is more accepted that invitations are sent and replied to in order to help with catering arrangements. These need not be expensive; you can get simple digital invitations to send on WhatsApp for around £9.99 and think of the savings in postage costs too.

2. Order of service booklets. These have always been an expectation and probably one of the more costly items of printed stationery for the day. These booklets are often used as a special tribute as they include photos, poems, readings and anecdotes and can be treasured as a keepsake for those in attendance at the funeral itself. 

3. Book of condolences and share a memory cards. Funeral Time Capsule share a memory cards are a great alternative to a funeral guest book and with the prompts make it easier to steer guests towards what sort of thing they can write about your lost loved one. Mark this very sorrowful but very special event co-ordinating stunning funeral guest memory cards. Use them at the funeral, wake or celebration of life service and save as a treasured snapshot of this day in memory of your lost loved one.  Alternatively, a hardback book of condolenceor an alternative guest book are always a nice touch at a wake. It's a very special treasure to keep after the day and a welcome activity for guests at a funeral. Both can co-ordinate with your funeral style/theme. 

4. Memorial photo signs. Our large range of funeral welcome signs are the perfect way to instruct and direct guests at your funeral service or wake and are also a gorgeous keepsake to treasure after the event.  Most customers choose to have a photo printed on the boards but as everything is totally editable, you can choose to style your boards any way to wish.  We offer a range of printed finishes so you can choose between a paper sheet to frame to a sturdy Foamex board which can rest on an easel.

5. Funeral thank yous. It is always to nice to thank guests after the big day itself. Often, it goes by in a bit of a blur but guests have often travelled some distance to pay their respects, maybe sent flowers or given a charitable donation, so it is only right and proper to thank them for all of the above. These professionally printed funeral thank you cards can be in your style/theme and can also support a photo of your lost loved one if you wish.

You can continue the theme of your event across your stationery and can also order charity donation cards, stickers to apply to favours and co-ordinating sympathy cards. And if you have any further requests, please ask us as we really want to make this important day as special as we can for you.