A History of Heart E Designs - How it all began...

A History of Heart E Designs - How it all began...

When it comes to TikTok, Radio Interviews, Social Media Posts and general FAQ's, people often want to know about how Heart E Designs was established. So, with that in mind, here is a whistle-stop tour of how it all began...

2020-2021 Lockdown - my reignited passion for art discovered!

April 2021 - Family and friends loved my work and were really complimentary. Couple of hand-made cards designed and gifted to friends and family with great feedback.

May 2021 - 'Heart E Designs' was born! I was born on Valentine's Day, so Heart E Designs was the perfect name!

3rd May 2021 - Instagram & Facebook Business accounts set up

9th May 2021 - Etsy shop launch - Starting off with a few wall prints which I intended to print from home.  Good quality gsm card and appropriate printer purchased.

20th May 2021 - First Ever Heart E Designs order - so exciting!

Autumn/Winter 2021 - First 50 5 star reviews received!

February 2022 - First 100 orders done!

Spring 2022 - Instagram followers 1.1k

May 2022 - Nominated for Muddy Stiletto Awards - Best Sustainable Business in Kent

June 2022 - Kent Wedding Venue Drawing Commissions started - first sale for Winter's Barns design

July 2022 - First Photo shoot featuring Heart E Designs products - Castle Farm Lavender Fields

September 2022 - First radio interview for Made in Kent Radio

September 2022 - Tiktok Account Set Up

November 2022 - 12 consecutive months as Etsy Star Seller = 100% positive feedback on all orders, 100% history of dispatching on time with tracking, 100% speedy replies to customers

November 2022 Best month so far for sales

December 2022 - E-commerce website launched www.heartedesigns.com

End of 2022 - 151 5 Star Reviews and a Nomination for KWIBA 2023!

Yearly Sales from 2021 to 2022 - up 349%!

Already lined up for 2023 - Advertising campaign coming out with a BIG Bridal title in February. 

Thank you to all my wonderful customers, family, friends and followers for believing in me.

Best wishes for a great year, Ems xx